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Kyocera steps up expansion strategy with Czech acquisition


KYOCERA Document Solutions Europe, one of the world’s leading document solutions companies, has advanced their Central & Eastern European expansion through the acquisition of their international partner JANUS, in the Czech Republic. Under KYOCERA, the company will be renamed to KYOCERA Document Solutions Czech and will formulate KYOCERA Document Solutions Europe’s 18th Sales Company following several decades of successful partnership.

The acquisition aims to continue driving KYOCERA Document Solutions Europe’s expansion across the European, Middle Eastern and African regions, and in this case more specifically within Central and Eastern Europe. “We are proud to announce KYOCERA Document Solutions Czech as a daughter company within our group. By adding yet another team of skilled experts to our fold, customers will continue benefiting from KYOCERA’s innovative portfolio of solutions and services that are tailored to meet rapidly changing market needs,” states Takuya Marubayashi, President of KYOCERA Document Solutions Europe.

Kyocera steps up expansion strategy with Czech acquisition

“Customers are core to our strategy and we believe in empowering clients with the expertise and knowledge that will help them do business smarter and more efficiently. With our newest subsidiary, customers within Central and Eastern Europe will experience enhanced business continuity and enjoy a closer relationship with KYOCERA as a main global player.” Having an impressive track record of over 26 years within the business, the team at KYOCERA Document Solutions Czech has achieved major success within strategic projects in both government and private sectors. Jiří Hubený, General Manager of the organisation, will lead his growing team from two office locations, one within the Czech Republic; with its headquarters in Prague, and another in Bratislava, Slovakia, as a branch office.

“Under the guidance of Jiří Hubený, KYOCERA will continue its pursuit of business excellence within these regions, thereby further building upon the company’s legacy within these important markets,” adds Marubayashi.

“Becoming part of an impressive global company, we can provide even better and faster care to satisfy our customer’s needs and new products; and with the highest quality”, stated Jiří Hubený, General Manager of KYOCERA Document Solutions Czech. ”It is an honour to strengthen our relationship with KYOCERA Document Solutions Europe and begin to form part of one of Europe’s industry leaders as we work together to collaborate on future innovations.”

Hubený will lead the organisation in the expansion of KYOCERA’s award winning product portfolio with a specific focus in the ICT arena. “There is a huge growth opportunity in the market. We have a pre-sales team that is well acquainted with the market and ready to deliver value added Enterprise Content Management and Business Process Management solutions to this segment thanks to our in-depth knowledge of KYOCERA’s software portfolio and consultancy services,” elaborates Hubený.

As a leader in the field of Digital Transformation, KYOCERA’s potential to support businesses in optimising their workflow will now be further consolidated and enhanced within the markets of the Czech Republic and Slovakia. This latest acquisition represents a step further in the path to innovation across the EMEA territory for KYOCERA Document Solutions Europe and yet another way for the company to deliver an improved and more efficient service to customers.

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