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Marabu and Roland DG deliver digital flatbed solution


Marabu and Roland DG EMEA have unveiled a joint solution for industrial printing tasks (including operator control panels, overlays and front-panel foils). Roland is supplying the hardware, while Marabu is providing the corresponding water-based digital printing inks.

The new Roland VS-300iS-GO flatbed printer is at the heart of a close partnership between two technology leaders: ink specialist Marabu and printer manufacturer Roland DG have combined their skills, and created a specially developed solution for operator control panels, graphic overlays and front-panel foils. The water-based Maqua® Jet DA-RGO digital printing ink and VS-300iS-GO flatbed printer make a dynamic duo: together, they meet the exacting requirements of industrial printing applications in terms of image quality, colour gamut and durability. Moreover, the printer and inks are designed to complement commonly used media, screen printing techniques and production processes.

Marabu and Roland DG deliver digital flatbed solution

The goal of harnessing the benefits of digital printing for industrial use cases is not new. However, in the past, this meant leveraging equipment that was developed first and foremost for the marketing and advertising market – and that therefore cannot address all the requirements of manufacturing scenarios. The digital flatbed solution, with Maqua® Jet DA-RGO ink and the VS-300iS-GO printer, gives users the exceptional quality that is synonymous with the Marabu brand – and unites the strengths of two technology leaders. The combined ink-and-printer solution has been specifically designed and tested for industrial needs: Maqua® Jet DA-RGO inks are compatible with Marabu’s proven screen-printing inks Mara® Switch MSW, Mara® Star SR and Ultra Switch UVSW, while the  VS-300iS-GO delivers outstanding registration and excellent image quality. Impressive colour gamut and accurate colour reproduction. The new VS-300iS-GO is perfect for multi-coloured and highly detailed images with smooth gradients. The easy-to-use software and wide colour gamut enable users to match colours quickly and accurately – ideal for corporate branding, hitting PANTONE™ or RAL© shades, or reproducing colours from a previous job.

Matthias Schieber, Marabu´s Product Manager for Inkjet Products: "Marabu and Roland DG joined forces to provide a dedicated solution for applications demanding the highest quality images and durability. The ink series Maqua® Jet DA-RGO is a technically validated ink solution for industrial printing and at the same time it’s designed to be combined with Marabu screen printing inks. Maqua® Jet DA-RGO completes Marabu´s technological leadership in industrial applications as a complementary digital ink solution for hybrid workflows."

Paul Willems, Roland DG’s Director of Business Development and Product Management EMEA comments: "Roland DG EMEA and Marabu have combined their considerable specialist industry knowledge to bring to the graphic overlay market this innovative purpose-built solution. The new VS-300iS-GO offers the best possible results in terms of quality, durability and efficiency and enables easy access to this profitable market with low investment costs and compact, easy operation. The VS-300iS-GO offers huge potential to PSP’s, servicing a wide range of markets, from medical, aerospace and defence, to gaming, appliances and consumer electronics."

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