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Dalim Software to unveil completely new groundbreaking approach to building workflows at drupa 2024

  • Publicado el 12 de Junio de 2024

DALIM Software, a leading innovator in software solutions for creating, producing, and managing print and digital content, announced that it is unveiling its next-generation platform at drupa 2024. DALIM Software showcased how its cutting-edge DALIM ES and DALIM TWIST apps, completely redeveloped from the ground up on a scalable microservice architecture and featuring a redesigned user interface, are poised to present the industry a new, revolutionary way to build workflows. A team of experts were on hand to demonstrate DALIM ES and DALIM TWIST and explain how companies can become early adopters of this revolutionary technology.

Dalim Software to unveil completely new groundbreaking approach to building workflows at drupa 2024

DALM is also announcing new strategic alliances that will further enhance its offerings. With a deep understanding of the evolving needs of businesses in print, packaging, publishing, and marketing, DALIM Software has consistently delivered innovative, highly customizable, and scalable solutions. They streamline content production, automate workflows, and enable seamless collaboration.

At the heart of DALIM SOFTWARE's next-generation platform lies a suite of cutting-edge technologies designed to provide unparalleled performance, scalability, and flexibility, ensuring that DALIM ES and DALIM TWIST deliver exceptional value to users, easily addressing their most pressing production challenges.

There are a number of technological advances at the foundation of the new platform. Microservices architecture: The platform is built on a scalable microservices architecture, allowing each component to operate independently, scaled up or down based on demand. This modular approach ensures that the system can handle massive amounts of tasks without compromising performance. Completely redeveloped user interface and experience utilizing well-known and trusted technologies such as React and Material UI. This modernizes the look and feel of the platform, making it more intuitive and usable for users of all skill levels.

The platform has been redeveloped with an API-first approach using GraphQL. This ensures that every functionality is exposed via an API, making it easy to integrate the platform with other systems and tools. Robust security is a top priority for DALIM SOFTWARE. The platform supports native OAuth2, a widely adopted industry standard for secure authorization. This ensures that the system is secure, and also aligns with industry-grade security standards, reassuring customers that data is protected.

The capabilities of digital presses are remarkable, and it was anticipated that new digital presses at drupa 2024 will only get faster. DALIM SOFTWARE has already showcased their ability to proficiently process 20 pages per second and nine million pages a day to accommodate these digital printers. This is made possible through DALIM DRIVE, an auxiliary app that enables printers with extreme throughput demands to keep their existing workflows functioning, especially for high-speed digital presses. DALIM TWIST has also now been re-engineered so that every tool can achieve the same impressive performance.

DALIM TWIST is a powerhouse in file processing automation, handling the most demanding production requirements with ease. TWIST automates file checking, optimization, correction, preparation, and transformation, ensuring high-quality output and streamlined workflows. The latest version of TWIST includes: The entire DALIM TWIST application has been moved from the desktop to the web, making it accessible from any device. This new web based interface is more intuitive and requires less skill to operate, ensuring a familiar UX for users of any level of experience.

The scalable microservices architecture allows DALIM TWIST to process millions of files a day, demonstrating incredible scalability and performance. This ensures that businesses can meet challenging demands without compromise while saving costs during quieter periods. Reimagined and consolidated tools reduce clutter while maintaining functionality. New tools, such as Imposition with support for multi-lane and API connectivity, enhance capabilities and connectivity.

There are a number of features that make DALIM TWIST unique, including: A single repository for standardized workflows allows for standardized workflows across multiple sites, making everything more efficient and consistent. With agnostic hosting DALIM TWIST works seamlessly in the cloud or within on-premises servers, providing flexibility and adaptability to meet the needs of any organization. Built on DALIM SOFTWARE’s own interpreter, a trusted and refined technology continually improved over thirty years, ensures DALIM TWIST’s reliable and exceptional performance. DALIM TWIST's multi-lane imposition optimizes paper usage, reduces waste, and accelerates productivity, offering significant resource savings. DALIM TWIST contributes to sustainability by allowing resource conservation in computation and supplies, reducing waste on an exceptional scale.

"Too many companies in the print industry find themselves transitioning from one workflow solution to another without truly settling on one. This typically occurs when new machine capabilities or challenges emerge, and their current tools lack the innovation to address them. Digital printers are a prime example of this, with each machine upgrade bringing enhanced performance and, in turn, more challenges, whether related to imposition or overall throughput," explains Carol Werlé, Chief Executive Officer, DALIM SOFTWARE. "At DALIM SOFTWARE, we are committed to continuously setting new standards for front-end optimization—offering a comprehensive, high-performance platform that evolves in tandem with our customers' needs.

This enables easy handling of speeds of twenty pages per second (processed, checked, and imposed). This commitment is why our users have been loyal to DALIM SOFTWARE for decades. Our next-generation platform is even more flexible and scalable, ensuring our customers have the tools they need to address any challenge, both now and in the future.”

DALIM ES is a comprehensive product that streamlines and optimizes the entire content production process from start to finish. What truly sets it apart is that it's an all-in-one solution, offering a digital asset manager, a viewer, project management, flat planning, and workflows in a single customizable product. Other applications may only offer individual solutions, requiring users to piece together multiple tools to achieve their desired workflows.

Key advancements include: An enhanced color-accurate online review and approval tool now sits natively within the interface, providing a seamless experience. Users can be confident that digital proofs will match printed output. The addition of multimodal annotations lets users leave screen recordings, videos, and audio recordings as annotations, enhancing collaboration and reducing unnecessary revisions. The intuitive user interface/experience provides everything the user readily needs to simplify the use of DALIM ES, and allowing operators to focus on tasks.

In keeping with its mission to provide the most customizable and flexible solutions, DALIM SOFTWARE is announcing the launch of an innovative low-code editor. It empowers businesses to tailor user experiences without requiring extensive development. Significant is that every product in the new DALIM SOFTWARE platform was built using this very same low-code editor. Users can not only modify the UI/UX of DALIM SOFTWARE products to suit their specific needs, but can also create entirely new applications from scratch to address unique challenges. The low-code editor is a testament to DALIM SOFTWARE's commitment to ‘democratizing’ application development, making it accessible to a wider range of users, with faster, more agile, solution building.

Following its affinity, for decades, to value partnerships—for example, when DALIM SOFTWARE introduced its work with Adobe during drupa in 2008—DALIM SOFTWARE continues to work with partners on trendsetting technologies to enhance the power of their applications. They include: CI HUB is an all-in-one plugin that allows creatives to seamlessly browse, open, edit, and save assets across multiple storage locations without leaving their creative applications. By integrating their asset management system with CI HUB's plugin, DALIM SOFTWARE enables their users to work more efficiently and maintain a consistent user experience across various tools.

Nasuni's cloud storage solutions provide the missing link between a web-based application and the desktop. Integrating Nasuni's technology offers DALIM SOFTWARE users a seamless experience, enabling them to work with files directly from their desktop while benefiting from the powerful features and automation capabilities of DALIM SOFTWARE’s applications. svarmony’s extended reality solutions bridge the gap between the digital and real worlds through augmented reality and virtual reality technologies. By partnering with svarmony, DALIM SOFTWARE enables customers to output 3D models to the svarmony platform and view them in extended reality, adding a new dimension to their workflow.

"Our partnerships with technology leaders like CI HUB, Nasuni, and Svarmony allow us to rapidly deliver new features and capabilities to our customers. By collaborating with others, we can empower our customers to tackle the most complex challenges in content production and management. These partnerships have taught us the value of adaptability and continuous learning within a rapidly changing landscape. We continue to seek out partnerships with companies that share our values and vision, and are excited with possibilities that lie ahead and the innovative solutions we'll be able to deliver," comments Tim D'Elia, Director of Product Strategy, DALIM SOFTWARE.

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