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Xyte Launches Xyte Connect So Manufacturers and Industry Partners Can Leverage Joint Value Chains

  • Publicado el 08 de Febrero de 2024

Xyte, developer of the first all-in-one servitization platform for device and hardware manufacturers, announced the launch of Xyte Connect, which enables original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and their industry partners to share data through the cloud and collaborate on device configuration, setup, support, updates and monitoring & management.

Xyte Launches Xyte Connect So Manufacturers and Industry Partners Can Leverage Joint Value Chains

Xyte Device Cloud (XDC) is a full-stack servitization platform that empowers device and hardware manufacturers to cloudify, service, support, and commercialize their connected devices in one place. By managing the complete lifecycle of their connected devices, OEMs can transition towards offering integrated business solutions. This better allows them to introduce usage-based and other as-a-service business models and develop sustainable customer relationships.

With the release of Xyte Connect, manufacturers can now communicate and collaborate with anyone in their value chain. They and their industry partners can optimize services, offer faster support for end users through ticket escalation and tailored product catalogs, and facilitate the shift to subscription-based business models. For OEMs and their partners, this fosters customer relationships and increases profitability. For end users, the purchasing flexibility once reserved for software is now available for solutions that incorporate hardware, software, and services. Earlier this month, Xyte announced a $30 million investment round, which will help accelerate the company’s geographic expansion, especially across North America and Europe.

“Through the launch of Xyte Connect, XDC takes a huge step forward in enabling OEMs to manage their business efficiently and securely in the cloud. This turbocharges the entire manufacturer-partner ecosystem, helping all players achieve new revenue streams,” said Omer Brookstein, CEO and Co-Founder of Xyte. “By exchanging data in real time, OEMs and their channel partners can provide end users with unparalleled remote monitoring, device support and preventative maintenance.” For a limited time, channel partners that sign up for Xyte and opt in to Xyte Connect will receive support seats free of charge for six months.

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