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Ultimate Tech to announce the release of Ultimate Impostrip 2024.1 at Drupa

  • Publicado el 30 de Mayo de 2024

Imposition and nesting is not just about positioning pages and marks, but it is also about organizing print run content intelligently.  Merging, combining, collating, organizing, grouping, collecting, separating, and batching. These functions require an ever more sophisticated function set to optimize book of one, labels, general commercial work, wide format etc. This version sets the bar and offers more power and control than ever before.

Ultimate Tech to announce the release of Ultimate Impostrip 2024.1 at Drupa

Ultimate Impostrip 2024.1 includes: New Book of One Module – an automation solution for continuous feed print engines with in-line finishing.  New CSV Batching Module – this new module enables imposed, ganged or nested jobs to be grouped and triggered by a CSV file.  New PDF/X Output Support – Ultimate Impostrip 2024.1 now supports imposed output in the ISO PDF/X standards, PDF/X-1a, PDF/X-3, PDF/X-4.  New Geometric Shape Mark – Ultimate Impostrip 2024.1 includes a new kind of mark that enables geometric shaped marks such as circles, squares and rectangles. 

New Lane based Marks placement – To support the new lane-based imposition options in Ultimate Impostrip  Ghent Workgroup PDF/X-4 Output Suite Compliance – As part of our PDF/X implementation Ultimate Impostrip 2024.1 has successfully processed, imposed, and output the Ghent Workgroup PDF/X-4 output suite.  Improvements to Color Bars and Color Schemes – 2024.1 also contains customer requested features and improvements to marks and color bars. Enhanced Ultimate Bindery Integration - Improved integration between Ultimate Impostrip and Ultimate Bindery for the passing of custom data. Updated CERM Connector Module - improvements to our JDF integration with the CERM MIS solution.

“More than mere software providers, at Ultimate Tech, we are your partners in progress, leading the evolution of print and our commitment is to elevate every print production workflow” says Julie Watson, Ultimate Tech CEO, “Our technology is built for automation. Leveraging both the ultimate software solutions and the company’s ultimate dedication, PSP’s productivity won’t just rise; it will go into overdrive.”

“2024.1 is our first Ultimate Impostrip version of the year and is timed to coincide with the start of the Drupa exhibition in Düsseldorf, Germany.’ stated Andrew Bailes-Collins, Head of Product. “The functionality has been developed with significant input from our customers and partners, so Drupa is a great opportunity for us to engage in discussion with them and other prospects from around the world to understand their challenges and requirements, and to validate our future roadmap and product strategy. “

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